About us

Quad C Kennels is a small family owned and operated kennel located in Calhoun City, MS. "Quad C" stands for my family: my wife Haley Caviness, my two sons Henry and Holt Caviness, and myself Kris Caviness. We believe in strong family values, and we know that God has blessed us by giving us a common interest in these magnificent dogs.

I have been training retrievers for 19 years. It all began with a fluffy little golden retriever puppy that I named Jake. He learned extremely fast, and he really ignited my passion for training. Unfortunately, Jake died tragically soon after his first birthday. A good family friend and hunting buddy heard of Jake's passing, and he offered to sale me a pup of my choice out of a litter of labs that was about to be ready. I had hunted with the sire of these pups many times and knew that he was a solid dog. I took him up on his offer, and as soon as the pups were ready to wean, I picked him up. I named him Chip. He was a fat little chocolate. I began training as soon as I picked him up, and by the time he was eight months old, he went on his first duck hunt. I was amazed at the pace at which he learned, and he seemed to never forget his lessons. By this time, I was hooked on retrievers and wanted to learn more and train more. Chip became so well known locally that soon people were asking me to train their dogs. I trained several dogs for others while in High School. Chip really taught me what a good dog should be. After Chip began aging, I began the search for another dog to "bring up in his footsteps." This is where I encountered a problem!!!  I went through several puppies from very well known "American" kennels and simply put, I did not like what I got. The puppies were hyper, had no retrieve drive, and had no focus. I had heard about British labs for some time, but was just not willing to pay the price that these dogs were fetching. I finally decided that I had wasted enough time and money and that I was going to try a "British" lab. I was pleasantly surprised. The pups that I have encountered have been exactly what I would expect a lab to be. Focused, driven, eager to please, and loaded with natural game-finding and retrieving ability. Since purchasing our first British lab, we have added several more to the kennel and are still adding. I absolutely love this breed and want to share them with others like us.

There are exciting things happening at Quad C Kennels. We have completed construction of our new puppy nursery, and we are about to begin building a brand new kennel!

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